Hanging in the balance



ARAN plum

SAGAR apple

SANDIA watermelon

GEREZI cherry

OREKA means equilibry in the Basque language. The balance is a thin line between two opposite sides: between light and dark, between simple and complex, between clean and dirty ...

Equilibry is a dance in the balance. In that line that is always in motion.

The search for balance is a journey. The same search becomes equilibrium.

These pieces seek to interpret that balance by playing with simple lines that contrast with color. Play to be a funambulist between contrasting textures: the cold of black metal and the quality (roughness) of the colored resin.

Each piece is constructed from basic lines with the cylinder as the base form. In some of them even, empty space speaks more than the material itself.

Making a nod to a game of similarities of my childhood, each piece of the collection has a fruit name in the Basque language. My mother tongue is always present in my day to day and in my pieces of course.