They say we are made of stories. We are made of bits of the past that live inside of us. We live with them and we take them with us.

Each Agara Agirre´s collection is a piece of those stories. They are their own stories, but at the same time they are collective stories that build our identity. Each piece of jewellery tries to capture those experiences and emotions that are personal and universal at the same time.

Each collection is a small world that is only understood in it. The aesthetics and materials change from one to the other looking for the essence of each story.

They are unique pieces created one by one with great care. Pieces that speak of us.

The process

Each piece of jewelry is handmade in Agara Agirre’s workshop. To create each piece, we use traditional techniques together with great care and patience.

Because of our commitment to the planet and to those who live and will live on it, we work to make our process as ethical and sustainable as possible. Therefore, we work with nearby suppliers and we use the most sustainable materials possible.

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