Dancing in
the balance

OREKA means balance in the Basque language. Balance is a thin line between two opposite sides: between light and dark, between simple and complex, between full and empty …
Balance is a dance on the scale. In that line that is always in motion.


The cyclical rhythm
of the life

The Greek goddess DEMETRA was the symbol of fertility and the cyclical rhythm of nature. The cyclical rhythm of life. The cycle of our internal rhythm. Because we are cyclical. Because we are light and dark.


Memories of
the childhood

The MASUSTA collection (“mora” in Basque) refers to the days I used to pick blackberries with my parents when I was little.

We spent the afternoon playing blackberry treasure hunt among brambles. At dusk, we would return home with blackberry-stained hands dreaming of the smell of sweet jam.

Sustainable silver

No beauty
on the farm

The silver used to create these jewels has not been obtained directly from mining, but has been recovered through the recycling of industrial products.

By means of electrolytic processes, silver has been recovered from the Malgana film solution for X-rays and analogue and cinematographic photography.

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