Light in the distance

FARO is that light that in these dark times shows us where we are going. That same light that turns on in the distance (deep inside of us) when everything seems to be lost.

No bird

Wings to fly

I wanted to fly and life gave me wings.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” Charlotte Brontë


Hanging in the balance

OREKA means balance in the Basque language. The balance is a thin line between two opposite sides: between light and dark, between simple and complex, between clean and dirty …

Balance is a dance in the tightrope. That line that is always in motion.


The cyclical rhythm
of the life

The Greek goddess DEMETRA was the symbol of fertility and the cyclical rhythm of nature. The cyclical rhythm of life. The cycle of our internal rhythm. Because we are cyclic. Because we are light and darkness.


Childhood memories

The Masusta collection (“blackberry” in basque language) calls homage to my childhood memories of collecting blackberries with my parents.

We used to spend the evening searching for blackberries-treasures between the bushes. At sunset, we used to return home with hands full of blackberries dreaming of the smell of a sweet marmalade.

Sustainable silver

There is no beauty in exploitation


The silver used to create these jewels was not obtained directly from the exploitation of mines, but was recovered through the recycling of industrial products.

The metal was recovered by electrolysis from the solution of the film for medical radiographs and for analogue photography and cinematography.

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