Jewels made by stories

If you want to create a jewel that saves your story, contact me and we will do magic together.

Jewels are not only beautiful objects. They are not just for decoration. Throughout history, they have been used for different rituals. They are amulets, gifts from grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters. They have meaning, essence, they carry a story hidden inside. Close to our body, we wear them. They are treasures. They are magical.
  • A and D

    A and D came with a gold bracelet that was given to them by a very special person. With it and the fire we created their wedding rings.

  • Three elements

    Three elements. Three beings.

  • Eternal circle

    These circles closed a trip that she will always remember.

  • Remember me

    The love between two daughters and a mother. Necklaces to remember each other.

  • Mother's treasures

    Maitane and Lorea kept the treasures of the mistress in a drawer. Their wish was to wear the jewels that had belonged to their mother so that the memories would be present.

  • Wedding rings

    We can create your wedding rings together that will tell your story.

New life to our gold treasure

These jewels have been created from gold jewelery that the owner kept in her home. She emptied her drawers of small treasures: old jewelry, unmatched earrings, broken jewelry, gifts, inherited from his mother and grandmother … With the help of fire we gave them a new life.

If you also want to give a new life to your jewelry, contact me.

Step 1

Gather the gold jewelry you want to reuse with great care.

Step 2

First of all, we will weigh and measure them to find out how much gold we have.

Step 3

We will design together. Bring me your ideas and we will shape them. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, I will help you.

Step 4

I will make you a budget before starting to make the jewel. We will start the process only if you agree.

Step 5

We will melt the jewels and with the magic of the fire we will create the jewel that you dream of.

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